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Sony VGN-TX770P PCG-4G1L Take apart disassemble guide


This little laptop is pretty easy to disassemble and work on.  Here is a guide on how to take apart this Sony for such things as:

  1. Cleaning the fans or case
  2. Upgrading the hard drive
  3. Replacing broken AC power jack

Tools needed:  One tiny flat-head and one fairly small phillips head screwdrivers


  1. Remove the battery and unplug the AC adaptor
  2. Remove the screws on the bottom of the case (8)
  3. Remove the screws under the battery (3)
  4. Pry up the grey strip under the battery
  5. Disconnect the ribbon running from the center of the laptop to the green board on the right
  6. Flip the laptop over and push the LCD screen all the way back and open
  7. Pry up the keyboard (there are two clips at the top of the keyboard that hold it down)
  8. Disconnect the keyboard cable
  9. Remove the single screw under the keyboard in the center holding the case down
  10. Push up on the bezel over the battery cavity and you’ll see the case lift and open up
  11. You can use the tiny flat-head to jimmy open the front of the case where there are a couple little clips holding it in
  12. Disconnect the touchpad cable and then you can swivel the keyboard to the right and out of the way while you work on the laptop

Note: When you put it back together, make sure the ribbon you disconnected in step 5 is connected securely or else it won’t power up.  The green board can be lifted up to allow you better access to put the ribbon back in.

If you would like pictures to go with this tutorial, leave me feedback and maybe I will provide some 🙂


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