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Android HTC Incredible Mobile Network Turning On stuck


Had a user with an HTC Incredible phone whose mobile network kept getting stuck in a cycle of “Turning On” status and wouldn’t let them receive any data or even make phone calls.  Taking the battery out and replacing it worked once, but during a repeat of the error it did not work!  Dangerous!! What good is a phone that only plays Angry Birds in an emeregency??

Some of the interwebs said that it was a problem with the data plan and that Customer Service (Verizon) had to remove the data plan and add it back on to correct the issue.  Other posts said that it was a problem with a “data profile” or even an activation issue. 

I had Verizon reactivate it on the network and when we were going over some settings, they were incorrect in the phone.  I’m hoping that was the issue all along and it is corrected now.  I’ll keep you posted if not!


  1. How did you contact Verizon? They haven’t gotten back to me on this same issue over email.

  2. I called their normal support line number which I found on the website. You want to contact them from a landline because you’ll be reactivating the phone while on the line with them.

  3. I don’t recall which settings were incorrect and if I did it probably wouldn’t make a difference because every phone will be different as far as codes for exchanges and data ports go. I just let the rep tell me what his computer said the settings should be and I verified as we went along and made adjustments where they were needed. Any rep should be able to walk you through a reactivation..they do them everyday. Good luck Eddy!

  4. I has this same problem today, but it’s solved right now, I called the tech support and the rep told me to dial *228 and after the recording answered dial 1*1330 where 330 y the RPL version which you get after dialing ##778, selecting view mode,


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