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Convert Mono to Stereo in Adobe Soundbooth


So you’re dealing with a mono audio source and want to have it play on both channels in stereo.  Here are some easy instructions:

  1. Since you are likely using Adobe Premiere pro as well as Soundbooth, first thing you do is select the audio channel you want to make stereo and right-click and select Edit in Adobe Soundbooth–>Render and Replace.
  2. In Soundbooth, click on Edit and Export–>Channels to Mono Files.  This creates two seperate files for Left and Right channels.
  3. Figure out which file has your audio and then open that one and SAVE AS (in Soundbooth).  Under Audio–>Channels select STEREO and then save the file.
  4. The audio in your project should now be updated with the Stereo version!

Source: http://creativesuite.maccreate.com/2009/10/16/converting-mono-audio-to-stereo-with-soundbooth/


  1. And if the Export -> channels is grey highlighted and you can´t click it, what is wrong?
    Thx in advance. Greets,

  2. I would guess you either do not have a file opened up in Soundbooth or you need to select the file to create channels out of…try highlighting the file (click it in the FILES section of the work area) and then try again.

  3. It’s easier than this.
    Open your mono file in Soundbooth, select ALL & copy.
    FILE > “NEW audio file” & tick Stereo.
    Then paste your mono into it, it will be Stereo.

  4. If you’re working in Premiere Pro, you don’t have to go to SoundBooth to edit your mono file. Here’s how:
    In the EFFECTS area, click on Audio Effects then Stereo. Under Stereo you should find “Fill Left” and “Fill Right”. Select both, drag to your audio in your timeline, then voila, you have a stereo audio!

  5. Thanks Paul R, Gayl and especially you Mitch. If you did not have this website I may not have been able to fix my problem. Cheers from New Zealand.

  6. Hey man,
    Just want to thank you for saving my balls….I have 25 seperate little mono files which I only realised after editing for 2 days were in freaking MONO. SO this way, although time consuming, is infinitely better than having to re-edit every piece and line them all up again.
    Cheers for being you! lol

  7. In Soundbooth CS4, select the mono track in the Files panel. In the Editor panel, select the Tracks dropdown and then select Insert Waveform into New Multitrack File. From there, go to File>Export>Multitrack Mixdown… A dialog box will appear, prompting you to name the file. Once you have, a second dialog box will appear. You will see Stereo as an option. Save that, and a new dual mono (stereo) track will open. Absolutely none of the above examples/instructions worked for me. This is the one that does.

  8. Ha, as soon as I sent my last reply, a better solution was found. Simply save a mono file as a stereo file in the second dialogue box to appear. Default is Mono, but instead, select Stereo. The new file which opens will be your original mono track separated into a dual mono track. Brilliant! Why haven’t I seen this solution elsewhere?


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