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How to setup Blackberry Protect Application


Protect your Blackberry against theft and accidental loss by installing this new FREE Application: Blackberry Protect

With Blackberry Protect, you can:

  • Automatically, wirelessly back up your contacts, calendars, tasks, memos, bookmarks, & text messages.
  • Track the location of your BlackBerry smartphone.
  • Activate a loud ring tone so you can find your smartphone.
  • Remotely lock your BlackBerry smartphone to protect its contents.
  • Display a message on your home screen to help whoever finds your BlackBerry smartphone get it back to you safely.
  • Remotely wipe all of your data.
  • (see fine print at the bottom of this post for more info)

How To setup the program:

  1. Goto the Blackberry App World program on your blackberry device.  If you cannot find the icon for the App World, then click the Blackberry button and click SHOW ALL and then look for it.
  2. Once you load it up, scroll over to the Search section and enter in “blackberry protect”. It will be the first result, the FREE program.
  3. Click Download and the system will check to see if you have a Blackberry ID.  If you do not then it will prompt you to set one up.
  4. After you have your BB ID, you can Download the App
  5. Once downloaded, click RUN and you’re ready to configure the program.
  6. Setup 1 / 6 – Informational screen
    – Use the Blackberry Protect web site to locate, remotely lock or wipe data from this Blackberry device if it is lost of stolen.
    – Use Blackberry Protect to switch data to a new Blackberry device.
    – Automatically back up and restore important data on this Blackberry device.
  7. Setup 2 / 6 – Click CONTINUE and it will ask you to login with your BB ID.  Enter it and click Sign In. Then click NEXT
  8. Setup 3 / 6 – Next it asks you what data you wish to back up.  I suggest leaving the default ALL checked off unless you know for sure that you don’t want to backup something.
    NOTE: Blackberry Protect will not back up:
    1. Media files such as music, pictures, video, etc.
    2. Blackberry Messenger Contacts
    3. Third Party Application data
  9. Setup 4 / 6 – Backup frequency.  Default is Weekly. I recommend leaving it at that. Click NEXT.
  10. Setup 5 / 6 – Blackberry Location Reporting – Default is disabled (unchecked), but if you check the box then you will be able to login to the Blackberry Protect website and see your BB on a map!  I’m turning mine ON.  Click NEXT
    NOTE: Location reporting can only be viewed by logging in to the Blackberry Protect web site with your Blackberry ID.
  11. Setup 6 / 6 – Ready to start Blackberry Protect
    – Your first backup uploads all data that you selected for backup
    – Subsequent backups only upload changes to your data since the last backup
    – For more information on how to use and access the Blackberry Protect web site visit: http://www.blackberry.com/protect
    Click START

NOTE: The first backup only takes a couple minutes, but all the same, make sure your device is charged or plugged into AC power before running this setup.


Blackberry Protect Ad:

1. Subject to relevant agreement(s) with RIM regarding BlackBerry Protect. The BlackBerry® Protect™ application may not be supported by your airtime service provider. It is made available by RIM at no charge to the user, but downloading the application or backing up your data over a wireless network may incur data usage charges depending on your service plan with your airtime service provider.

BlackBerry® Protect™ requires the following: 1. Activation on any Internet enabled data plan, 2. BlackBerry® smartphone with at least 2.5MB of application memory available 3. BlackBerry Device Software 4.6 or higher. BlackBerry Protect is not available if your BlackBerry smartphone is activated on BlackBerry Enterprise Server or BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express and is not available in all countries.

RIM cannot ensure the remote wipe, remote lock or other functionality of BlackBerry Protect will be successfully performed, as the airtime service coverage of your airtime service provider, the condition of your handheld product, and system resources cannot be known at the time of the request. Location based services of BlackBerry Protect are not intended or suitable as an emergency locator system. You are responsible for all activities, including the activities of your authorized users (if applicable), that occur under each password and BlackBerry Protect account, Visit www.blackberry.com/protect for details.
2. If your BlackBerry® smartphone is off, is not functioning, is out of wireless coverage, or BlackBerry Protect settings have been changed then the listed features will not function.
3. All back-ups may be deleted by RIM if, as of the time of deletion, you have not performed a back-up within the previous six (6) months, or as otherwise indicated in the relevant agreement(s) with RIM regarding BlackBerry Protect.


  1. Hi there,i lost my Blackberry curve 9380 on sunday morning an im not sure if my BB protect was active,what i remember is that my BBM,EMAILS,WHATSAPP & FACEBOOK were still active.so what can i do in a situation like this?

  2. First step is to change your email passwords so that whoever finds your phone doesn’t do that for you and lock you out. Then, you should think really hard about what apps, passcodes, emails ets you had on your device when you lost it and then change all those logins. If you goto the BB Protect website you can have your BB ID reset using the email address they have on file for you. Then you should be able to login and wipe the device. Good luck!


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