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Sometimes an Internet Explorer add-on will cause the entire thing to mess up and refuse to open.

You can see if this is the problem with your IE by going to the START menu and clicking RUN.  Type “iexplore -extoff” and then click OK.  If IE opens up, then it’s probably an add-on problem preventing you from opening it normally and you will need to disable the offending add-on.  Goto Tools–>Manage Add-ons and scroll through them.  The Microsoft ones are usually ok.  Look for anything that is marked corrupt or doesn’t have publisher information and disable it.  Close IE completely and try to open it normally.  Repeat this process, disabling add-ons until you hit on the one that is giving you trouble.  If you think you still need that add-on then goto the publisher’s website and look for an updated version.  Good luck!


  1. In Kaspersky safe run IE9 security has popups wanting to open web content from secure publishers but cannot get rid of these popups even if I allow it. How can I remove these? Without safe run IE9 opens normally.

  2. Paul, I don’t have Kaspersky safe run so I don’t know how that program behaves. This question would be better asked in a Kaspersky forum or directly to their tech support if you have a valid license.

  3. This is exactly the tip that helped me fix a client’s Windows 7 Pro 32-bit desktop where Internet Explorer 10 was crashing out every single time. Disabled all the add-ins, and the problem was fixed. The crashing was so bad Internet Options from the Control Panel wouldn’t even function.

    Thanks much!

    Managing Member, Envision IT, LLC


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