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Mercury Agent Application 4.0 issue with AL3 file processing for AFW


I just moved the AMS daily download functions from a workstation to a server and it was an interesting task.


1. Install the Citrix client program on the server.  When you goto www.ams-afw.com it will prompt you to download it or there is a link to the msi file so you can install it.  Please note a reboot of the server may be required after install.  You’ll know it didn’t work if (after logging in), when you click to open AFW, it asks you to save a file called launch.ica instead of opening (reboot if this happens).  Once you login to AFW you should get a prompt asking whether to give access to your files or not.  I think it’s safe to give full access for this program only.  Exit AFW and stay out for the next steps.
2. Verify you have a ZIP program to read zipped files, Acrobat Reader 5.05 or above (9 recommended), Java Plugin 1.6.17 or Greater, and the Mercury Agent Application 4.0 installed.
3. Mercury Agent App (MAA) is a little tricky to configure.  Setup a folder beforehand which will hold the auto-downloaded AL3 files (temporarily).  That’s going to be your source directory.  Then enter the Destination to move the files to as C:\Expedite (required folder for AFW online).  If you don’t have the Expedite folder in your root then you must create it, but it should have been automatically created when you first logged into AFW online. 
4. Login to www.mercuryfirst.com and setup your DMS options (Tools–>DMS–>Configuration Settings) and match the location for saving AL3 files to that of what’s in MAA.  Also specify a new path for the print mail(pdfs) if you choose to download them.
5. Uninstall MAA from the workstation.
5. Wait for tomorrow morning and test it out.

Notes: I didn’t know AFW requred the Expedite folder when I first configured things, so I had to go back and create it and then move the Direct files from the download directory to Expedite and then go back into AFW and run Process Company Direct again for it to pickup the new records.  Pay attention to that one.  Also in this same note…this morning (11/11 @5:30am) the Direct (AL3) files didn’t download like they should have, so I was forced to do Download Now from the MAA and those were the files moved to Expedite.  Will test tomorrow morning to make sure it is downloading the AL3 files correctly.


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