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Image captions in Blackbaud Kintera CMS

Blackbaud Kintera Sphere CMS

The Kintera CMS has alot of features, but one thing which I noticed it is lacking is an easy mechanism for captioning photos.
If you setup your own Donation page under Friends Asking Friends, you can set a master photo with a caption, but that’s the only place where it’s built-in.
Otherwise you have to hardcode your captions as you post pictures.
Fortunately this isn’t a problem when you use a little HTML and CSS. Personally, I like to use the two-cell table approach.
Here is the code:

<td><img src=”…” alt=”” /></td>
<td class=”caption”>caption text</td>

If you use this code, you will see a caption below your image which is aligned left and in the default font of your website. Since we added the CSS class “caption”, you can easily style the caption using your CSS page. For example, to center the text, you would add this to your CSS sheet:

td.caption { text-align: center;}

For more ways to create captions, see this excellent writeup. However, please note that some of the information is outdated.


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