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HP P1505 Printer Firmware Download Error


Sometimes when the user is printing, the printer will make a stalling noise and a dialog box will popup that says Firmware Download Error.  This box will then clear itself and the unit prints.  Sometimes the printer freezes completely.

Ideas to try:

  1. Update the firmware (as of this post there is only a firmware update for the network version P1505n. But there is a newer driver for the P1505…newer than the one that it shipped with)  Check HP’s website for more info.  There is also a diagnostic tool and a fix it tool which can be run to determine potential issues.  Try them.  If you use the Driver Check Utility, it will tell you if your driver is out of date and allow you to download the latest one.  If you have to download that one, make sure you delete your existing printer and turn the printer off.  Then let the setup program Add it back.  It will probably prompt you to reboot and then turn the printer on again.  Be patient as it discovers the printer.
  2. Go to Start > Printers and Faxes
    Select Printer > Properties > Security
    Select Everyone > Permissions
    Check allow Manage Printers and Manage Documents 


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