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HP xw4400 Workstation drag-n-drop DVD burning not working


There are two errors that you may encounter when you try to create a DVD-R or any DVD media disc through the Windows Drag-n-Drop feature.

  1. Problem Copying: Windows encountered a problem when trying to copy this file.  What do you want windows to do?  Retry/Cancel
    You drag the file or folder over and it doesn’t work…
  2. Unable to create folder: Unable to create the folder X: file system error (16389)
    You are trying to make a set of new folders on a blank DVD media disc…

Interestingly enough, these errors are both due to Windows XP’s lack of support for DVD burning.  It has built-in CD Burning capability, but not DVDs.  I believe Vista/7 DOES have this ability.

So, in order to make a DVD, you will need a third-party program or the program that your system was bundled with.  Mine did not have one included so I downloaded Astroburn Lite.  It has a Free License for non-commercial use (as of this blog posting).


  1. I’m having trouble burning to DVD. I’m using Encore CS5. After clicking build it gets so far and then reports a sense code error, stops and the DVD is unusable. I’ve tried using Explorer and a range of other stuff over the past two years. I usually end up burning it at work on an identical machine, using Encore CS5. I’ve created ISO files but I can’t get them onto a DVD. Any pointers would be a great help, thanks.

  2. Sounds like you should take your work burner home and swap with the sense code errored one.
    If that works then you know for sure it’s the device and you can replace it.

    If it gives same error then reinstall your Encore CS5 and see if that fixes the issue.


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