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Hide Arras Theme header image on pages


I’m running the Arras Theme on a site and I wanted to display the 640×250 thumbnail image on each post/page, but hide it for certain content, in this case it was all my pages.

There is some PHP code you can add to two files which will allow you to set a special custom field on a post/page which will hide that header image.

  • In Functions.php:

    Define( ARRAS_DONT_DISPLAY_THUMB, 'dontdisplaythumbinpost');

  • In library/template.php, find the line

    if ($post) $id = $post->ID;

  • Add the following code after that line:
    $dontdisplaythumbinpost = get_post_meta($post->ID, ARRAS_DONT_DISPLAY_THUMB, true);
    if ($dontdisplaythumbinpost) {
    return false;
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  1. Hi Mitch,
    Did you try this in Arras Theme 1.5? I’ve tried but have been unsuccessful and was wondering if you have updated the above code?



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