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Remove phone set from Paging Zone: Nortel


An overhead paging system can be really annoying sometimes. 

If you want to turn off the paging feature on your Nortel phone, simply enter Programming, then:

  • Enter the extension of the phone you want to turn off
  • PAGE ZONE –>Change to NONE
  • exit, Update

Note: If you’re simply concerned with the volume of the pages, that’s controlled by the volume of the phone set itself.  One handy trick you can use is to adjust the background music volume: 

  • Feature+8+6  (If there’s no music on the line you’ll hear a slight hiss)
  • Press volume bar down to desired volume
  • Feature+#+8+6 (Turns the speaker Off)

If you don’t want pages at certain times, then use DO NOT DISTURB, just bear in mind that you will not receive calls either when in this mode.


  1. I have a nortel phone system, T7316E, is there another option besides the rocker bar to turn up the volume on in coming calls? I own a pizza delivery store and we have a very hard time hearing our customers over the ovens. Thanks for the help.

  2. Couple things you can try.
    If this is a recent issue then try swapping handsets and cords with known good ones. They might be broken.

    If you adjust the volume via the rocker and it changes back to too low with every call then you need to change the receiver volume setting from “system” to “set”. You can find that under system programming feature settings receiver volume. Change it, make a call and adjust volume for the affected sets. (If this does not work then your sets may be too old and not compatible with the Set receiver volume option). If so then replace your phones with newer.

    If you have newer system version on your system, you might have the option of changing something called LossPkg. It’s under the Lines section. This may boost volume a little on your lines.

    Or you can buy a quality headset or addon handset which has its own gain / volume adjustment. That would probably work.


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