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Review: Ansmann Rechargeable Batteries


The purpose of this post is to have a running review of Ansmann rechargeable batteries. 

I recently decided to go Green(er) and on April 20, 2010 I bought the following from Horizon Battery:

  1. Ansmann Energy 16 Battery Charger (quantity 1)
    High-tech charger with automatic refresh function and capacity quick test for up to 16 cells at the same time. 3 year warranty.Desktop charger for 1-12  AAA or  AA cells; for 1-6 C or  D cells plus 1-4 pcs. 9V block. Auto-diagnosis of the inserted cells with automatic start of a refreshing process, if required. Damaged cells will be detected and discharged before fast charging. -delta V charging for all inserted NiCd/NiMH rechargeable batteries. Ultra fast charging; individual supervision of each cell position; faulty cell detection. Switch mode power supply for worldwide use.          

  2. Ansmann Max E Plus 9V 250 mah (quantity 1)
    Precharged cell! Unwrap, insert and ready for use. More than 1 year stand-by without recharging. Use anywhere you would use a 9V alkaline including remotes, smoke detectors, digital cameras, game controllers, and any portable electronic device. 2 year warranty.
  3. Ansmann 2850 mah AA rechargeable batteries (quantity 16) – Digital 2850 1.2v
    – Excellent for high drain applications
    – 2 yr warranty
    – Blister Pack of 4 pcs, 5035201 (Digital Version)
    – Blister Pack of 4 pcs,  5035212This NiMH rechargeable battery of the size AA with an unsurpassed capacity of 2,850 mah. The power cell allows even longer operating times for mobile applications that require a very high energy consumption. As a result this battery will power your wireless units, remotes, toys, digital cameras and flash lights for much longer. This AA rechargeable battery is an excellent alternative to conventional primary disposable cells.
  4. Ansmann Max E AAA (quantity 6)
    – Fast rechargeable
    – Cost saving
    – Ecological
    – No heavy metal
    – Blister of 4 pcs. part No. 5035232For most applications where disposable batteries are used, f. ex. in discmans, radios, flashlights, remote controls etc., you can use rechargeable NiCd/NiMH batteries instead. With rechargeable batteries the running costs of electronic equipment can be reduced and environmental pollution can be avoided.

Disclaimer: I am not an electronics guru.  What you find here is an ordinary user with ordinary usage who is reporting on his personal findings.  If you want an extensive discussion of the Ansmann batteries’ inner workings, please click HERE.

My Experience:
I bought these batteries because my research online indicated that they were the best brand for power-hungry electronics like an off-camera Flash.  They don’t have the highest capacity out there, but as long as they don’t discharge too quickly or wear out from charge/recharge too quickly I’m ok with that.  Supposedly, all the batteries I purchased are LSD (Low Self Discharge) with 1 year standby without recharging.  Another interesting fact is that Ansmann is a German corporation, but the batteries themselves are made in PRC (People’s Republic of China).  I guess this shouldn’t surprise anyone…what isn’t made in Chine these days???

The first thing that I noticed after receiving the package was how some of the batteries weren’t charging.  They would get really hot and despite leaving them in the charger for two days, didn’t charge until I took them out and reseated them.  I’m a little wary of this, but I guess these batteries have a “break-in” period where they need to be fully discharged and charged again a couple times to attain their full capabilities.

After months of storage, I finally ran out of regular batteries in a couple devices so now is the time for Ansmann to shine.

8/31/2010 – AA Battery loaded into Logitech VX Revolution mouse. 

  • Logitech battery indicator shows Green with two dots. 
  • SetPoint software initially estimates the battery at FAIR.
  • I operate the mouse 1 foot from the receiver.
  • Ansmann claims that their batteries will have 85% charge after 1 year storage.
  • For the record, Logitech doesn’t advise using this type of battery because they operate at lower voltage than normal alkaline which are rated at up to 4 months.
  • Update 9/6/10 – Mouse shows two green dots, FAIR condition, 56 days left.
  • Update 10/18/10 – Mouse shows one green dot, LOW condition, 22 days left.
  • Update 10/22/10 – Mouse battery dead.

Challenge #1: Run battery down and see how many days it gets.
Result: 53 days

If you want to know more about rechargeable batteries and get some advice, shoot over to the Strobist blog and read up!


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