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Windows Explorer hangs while renaming files


I often scan documents to PDF and then transfer to my computer and rename the files.  Every time I do this it hangs on renaming the file after I type the new name as it is applying it to the file.

System: Windows XP SP3

First thing I will try is rebuilding the Index that Windows Search uses.  You can do this via the Control Panel under Indexing Options.  Click Advanced button and then Restore Defaults.  Make sure to note any special indexing options that you have applied previously so you can reapply them after it rebuilds.

Some people on the internet reported issues with Vista doing this, in fact, under Vista the Windows Search service was in the “stopping” state and was using upwards of 25% of the CPU and that was causing the hesitations.  In those cases, stopping the service and rebuilding indexes solved the problem.


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