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Setup Windows Live Messenger on a website


Let’s say you have an office that uses Microsoft’s Live Messenger and you want to extend customer service or sales efforts to the web.  I actually implemented this feature about two years ago and it’s been working flawlessly.

So here’s what you do:

1. Goto http://settings.messenger.live.com/applications/websettings.aspx. Sign in with the Windows Live ID of the person you want to setup.  Check the box “Allow anyone on the web to see my presence and send me messages

2. Click on HTML and select how you want your presence to be displayed on the webpage.  Copy the HTML and paste into your own webpage. That’s it.

1. Child and FSS (Family Safety Settings) users cannot setup this feature.
2. If users do not want to use their personal messenger account or if they do not have one, you can set one up using their work email address.


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