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Canned Air and You


What is it about people’s fascination with canned air?  And why does everyone in the office always steal it and return it empty?

In short, Canned Air is mostly nitrogen, along with other heavier-than-air gasses that are considered “ozone safe”.  It is pressurized and once released, becomes a stream of air that you can use to clean almost anything.  The best feature of canned air is that it doesn’t build up a static charge like a vaccum does, so you can be confident in using it on sensitive electronics.

I love it and use it in the office, but like I alluded to above, people are always stealing it and returning the cannister empty!  So I have decided to purchase an electric version (though I will still have a small cannister of regular canned air on hand for mobile situations).

Here is what I’m going to purchase:

Metro DATAVAC ELECTRIC DUSTER 500 – ED-500 – $43.19 (Free Shipping) via Amazon.com
[43 / 56 reviews were 5-stars]

I will review it here after I have a chance to check it out.


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