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New Internet Speed Test Tool from FCC


FCC officials say that they want to give consumers information about the “actual speed” of their internet provider and also collect information about service across the country.  The tool is located on their http://www.broadband.gov website.

I think it’s fine that they want to do this, but http://www.dslreports.com has been gathering this information for years, so why not just look over their data? 

I ran a test using my company connection and it was good, but not what I am paying for good.  Even if I allow for the usage that is taking place while I run the test it’s still not that great.  I’ll try again when there’s no traffic and see what I come up with.  It may help me with negotiating with the company if I decide to increase our bandwidth.

I’m a little curious to see how the numbers I have from dslreports compare to the FCC’s tool.  Leave a comment if you have done such a test and let me know what you got.


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