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Event ID 1706


EXPS is temporarily unable to provide protocol security with “servername”. “CSessionContext::OnEXPSInNegotiate” called “HrServerNegotiateAuth” which failed with error code 0x800406b1 ( f:\tisp2\transmt\src\smtpsink\exps\expslib\context.cpp@1799 ).

A quick search turned this up: 

These error codes indicate a problem where you cannot read or write correctly to the Exchange 2000 Server information stores. This problem may occur if the Exchange 2000 Server information store databases are damaged. This condition can exist if a file-level antivirus program is run on the \Exchsrvr folder and its subfolders, or on the Exchange Installable File System (ExIFS). By default, the Exchange Installable File System (ExIFS) is located on drive M.

Note The Error.exe utility is located in the Support\Utils\I386 folder of the Exchange 2000 Server CD. 
To resolve this behavior, dismount the mailbox store, defragment and fix the database, and then mount the store. For more information about resolution click on the link given below.

I actually have Exchange 2003, so we’ll see how this affects the solution.  I added the paths to the exchsvr folders to the antivirus scan exclusions.


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