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Array accelerator battery charge low – replace battery



Date/Time:          Tuesday, January 19, 2010 12:02:31PM
Computer Model:     HP Server

Slot Num  Slot Type  Array Controllers and Host Adapters Detected
   ——–  ———  ——————————————–
SLOT 0    PCI        Smart Array 6i Controller

SLOT 0 Smart Array 6i Controller ERROR REPORT:

Array accelerator status:
Temporarily disabled
Batteries are not fully charged
Battery failure on battery pack 1, replace battery.

You probably don’t think about the batteries inside your servers very often, I know I didn’t, until I saw a notice upon rebooting my Exchange server.  There’s two batteries inside, one on the motherboard and one that is plugged into the Array Controller (the HP Smart Array 6i 128 MB Battery Backed Write Cache (BBWC)).
The battery on your motherboard is a standard motherboard battery:  3v Lithium #CR2450N$5.00
The Cache battery is more expensive: 3.6v NIMH 500MAH battery pack assembly (PN:307132-001) – $45.00-60.00

I bought one of each battery.  I shut the server down and I replaced both the motherboard battery (why not, I was going to be in there anyway) and the BBWC battery.  If that hadn’t worked, then my next step would be to update the firmware (currently v2.36).  If that didn’t work then I would replace the whole BBWC module (PN:351518-001). 

Alot of people have asked me if they can replace the battery without rebooting the server.  I don’t see why not, though I didn’t do it that way.  It sits in a tray connected to the module.  Check the tray to make sure the contacts are strong.  Clean with some steel wool if they are corroded, or replace the tray (PN:349989-001). 

Other people have concerns that their settings could be lost.  This is not the case as the settings are on the drive and array.

Note:  The new battery can take up to 48 hrs to charge fully.

Update 2/2/2010: Replaced the motherboard battery and the Cache battery.  The Diagnostic is error-free.

Update 9/27/2011: Same error about the cache battery. Updated firmware to version 2.84 and Array Diagnostic utility version

Update 12/14/2011: Replaced the whole module and the battery.  Takes a day for the battery to charge.  All systems normal. 

Below you can see the backside of the battery by itself and the battery mounted in the battery tray which has a cable attached which runs to the cache module.


  1. I have a few DL380 G4 units with this issue and I’ve updated the firmware to no effect. The battery prices you’ve listed seem inexpensive enough to try as a solution, even for an older server.

    What is the part # for the Cache battery?

  2. Adam :

    I have a few DL380 G4 units with this issue and I’ve updated the firmware to no effect. The battery prices you’ve listed seem inexpensive enough to try as a solution, even for an older server.

    What is the part # for the Cache battery?

    Part Number: 307132-001
    I bought mine from the HP Parts Store

  3. Thanks for the quick response. The parts store has the part, but no picture. Other stores are showing this part as either just the little oval battery or the battery attached to the back of a simm card. Some even show it as part of a whole assembly.

    When you got it, was it just the little oval battery or the simm chip with the battery?

    Of course, the HP Store is twice the price as everyone else.

  4. Looks like the firmware update actually worked. The battery is now reporting a status of OK. HPSIM is no longer reporting an error. We’ll see if it sticks.

  5. Adam :

    Looks like the firmware update actually worked. The battery is now reporting a status of OK. HPSIM is no longer reporting an error. We’ll see if it sticks.

    Glad you got it working. You mentioned you had already applied firmware updates…which one actually worked for you?

    FYI, my battery looked like this: Server Battery

  6. Good question. I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t hot swap the cache battery…after all, it can take a day or two for the battery to charge up and the error to clear, which it does on its own. However, my initial error was seen in POST and I think that error wasn’t present on reboot once I had the correct new battery in. I shutdown completely for both batteries. Let me know how it goes!

  7. after replace batery (array main ),
    now this is not same voltage ,
    this on new server now is 4.8 V,,all is ok..

    old batery has bubles around,,,
    like try to exploding.

    and all is writen in win error log
    if you use Hp driver all,
    but who can read it all days

  8. I got a new set of battery and cache, I update the server BIOS and firmware of the E200, but I still have problems, the cache is disabled because the battery is not charging.
    Any clues?

  9. Make sure the components you have are good. Swap with known good ones from another server or spend the $ and get another set (you can probably return one set if that solves it). Besides that, you should check the connection points very carefully for shorts or bent/missing pins…if you can, have the power points checked for proper voltage…I know..all super simple things, but if the “obvious” fix doesn’t work then you need to start back at square one making sure it’s not a wiring issue. Good luck!

  10. We replaced the 3.6v battery. It sat along the edge of the server and had a wire that connected to the cache module. HP now says we need to replace the cache module. They didn’t mention the second battery. Where does the CR2450N battery live? Is it on the motherboard? Will I lose my drive/array settings? My server is in use, and I don’t have enough slack in the cables to open the case while it is running. Thanks in advance!

  11. I had the battery identified wrong. The CR2450N is definitely the motherboard battery. It might be a good idea to replace it if it’s older since you’ll be in there replacing the cache battery anyway.

    To answer your question about the drive/array settings, no you will not lose any settings. Even if you replace the entire Array controller you’d still have your settings as they live both on the drive/s and controller.

    As for opening the case, it seems like you’ll just have to shut down and disconnect some wires. The battery on the DL380 is in the front, on the right side, almost flush with the case side, so if you can get the case open a couple inches in the front you may be able to grab it and get it out without taking the cover off completely, I dunno. Give it a try and let me know!

  12. We did as HP suggested and replaced the cache module. (We had already replaced the BBWC.) Everything is working fine. I had our technical department test the original BBWC. They were able to charge it, so it appears it was a faulty cache module that caused the problem. I wanted to reseat the cache module and see if that fixed the problem, but I can’t tinker around with a live server. Thanks for your input Mitch!

  13. I have a ML350G4 with the exact same error. I upgraded the controller firmware to version 2.84 but didn’t fix it. Then I replaced both battery packs 1 & 2 on the cache module and controller cards but didn’t fix it. Then HP told me to replace the cache module itself which I did with a new one but still getting the same error message on battery pack 1.

    Do you guys have any suggestions on how to fix this? I don’t know what to do next??

  14. I have a ML350G4 with pretty much the same error: Battery failure on battery pack 1, replace battery. I upgraded the controller firmware to version 2.84 but didn’t fix it. Then I replaced both battery packs 1 & 2 on the cache module and controller cards but didn’t fix it. Then HP told me to replace the cache module itself which I did with a new one but still getting the same error message on battery pack 1.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this? I don’t know what more to do now?

  15. Did you replace the battery tray? If the battery isn’t charging then you would continue to get these errors. That’s the only thing I can think of. If you have another server, try swapping with it to see which component is at fault (just in case your replacement was bad)

  16. I replaced the two battery packs (307132-001) and the cache module card (309521-001).

    I’m not sure what you mean by the “battery tray”. I only see a battery pack hooked onto the cache module card and a battery pack hooked onto the whole 6400 array controller card. Unfortunately, I don’t have another server anywhere similiar to this one that I can test parts with.

    Where exactly is that “battery tray” located?

  17. I posted some pictures of my battery/tray…we have different systems it looks like..you don’t have a tray since like you said, your batteries are hooked onto the card/array.
    Regardless, you should be able to test the batteries with a multimeter to make sure they’re good.

  18. oh! and make sure you upgrade the diagnostic utility itself to the latest version possible (couldn’t hurt). I seem to remember there being problems with older versions reporting of battery status.

  19. I am having the same problem and have the 2.84 firmware. I bought a duplicate server on ebay for $175, cloned the original and the cloned server worked ok. I decided to swap cards and attached battery between the two servers and now they both don’t work. Same error on both.

  20. I tested the two -old- battery packs with a multi-meter and they both had almost full charge left. This makes me think the issue was never with the battery packs. I have two new packs on the server now anyway. I upgraded the diagnostic utility too but still shows the same error with the cache disabled.

    I guess my only other option is to replace the array controller card altogether since I’ve replaced the cache module card already too.

    You said that if I shut down my server and replace the whole array controller card, then I won’t lose any of my array settings or any of my SQL Server data right?

  21. From what I’ve read, that should work, assuming a proper system shutdown of course. There may be instructions in the server guide.?

  22. That sounds very strange to me. Did you update the diagnostic program and check the battery charges with a multimeter?

  23. Hello, I would like to share my experience with you, I have more or less the same problem, I have many servers with Smart Array 6i that in the past when I replaced de battery ( HP P/N 274779-001 SPARE # 307132-001) in the HP DL 360G4 the problem was fix it during 1 year aprox ( the firmware of smart array is the 2.84version and the HP System AdminManagement is the more recent too)
    Well the problem hapens again in the same servers, but the change of batteries dont resolve, My batteries are one inscription like this
    REV B
    And the other
    REV B
    What is the meaning of that is a the manufactured date?
    Because the only idea for me is that the bateries are bad, old I dont know.
    How I can determine if the baterie are good before change?
    Sorry my poor english.
    I would appreciate your opinions
    Thanks in advanced

  24. Hey Mary,
    The battery I photographed as I was installing it into my server is marked 10/09 REV B.
    Seems to me that it is a manufacture date…which if that’s so then I got sold a battery from 2009 in 2011…oh well, if it goes bad again soon then I’ll know why.

    Definitely check the batteries first, my preferred way is to use a multimeter. Google “battery testing using a multimeter” for a tutorial in your primary language. The test will not tell you how much “power” is left in your battery…just if the battery is good or not. Check this link for further explanation. If it’s good then think about replacing the entire BBWC module. Page 38 of this manual has instructions. Note the 4 hour charge time for new batteries…Let me know how it goes!

  25. Can anyone suggest me if array controller battery is down or failure , does it effects the server performance? our application server is very slow now a days, is that reason?
    Please suggest this Quickly..

    Thanks Advance

  26. You need to replace the cache card that connects to the battery at the same time as the battery on dl380 g4’s 6i controllers.

  27. Array Accelerator Battery of Smart Array 6i Controller failed error comes in HP DL 380 G4 Server, I have replaced Battery, & have also installed firmware 2.8 for same. Than also it is give same error. What can I do.

  28. Hello Prajapati:
    Update the firmware of the smartarray is the first step, the second, change the battery, if this dont fix the problem you should change the memory module. With this, the problem is resolve.
    Its very important know that the battery is good, in some cases I probe it in other similar server, and I check that charge ok

    If the battery and the memory module are new, and the problem continues, the problem is the smartarray card or the system board in the integrated smartarray like smartarray 6i for example.

    I hope you understand me, because my native language is Spanish.


  29. Hello everyone,
    quick question, as most of you seems to had few experiences with server maintenance:
    I’ve got a DL380 G6 that needs a system board replacement, the array controller is integrated also, my question is, do you guy’s knows if replacing the system board will be necessary to reconstruct all server installation ? I mean, once the part is replaced, is it possible that the server will ask to rebuild the array, destroying all data, or it will simply recognize my disks and bring the OS up as if nothing happened ?

    From the HP techinician’s point of view, nothing will change, speaking of software, but they also recomends a full backup (obviously), so, no 100% sure if I will have an extra weekend of work here.

    I appreciate any light on this case,

  30. The drives have the arry info. As long as the system board is the same and has been configured with the same boot drive, etc. there should be no issues. I’ve done many many server and system board swaps with no issues except occasionally a bad new system board. HMake sure new board firmware and configuration matches your current system board then boot.

  31. Has anyone had any experience with the Chinese/Hong Kong replacements? One of the things that concerns me about going to HP Spares and forking over the $45 is that they are going to be pulling batteries that were manufactured 6-7 years ago, and just have been sitting on the shelf. If I go to Ebay and do a search on 307132 I get dozens of hits like auction 120797823018 where the seller has been selling tons of obviously new aftermarket batteries with a 99% positive feedback.

  32. Hey Ted, I had/have the same fear about getting the OEM batteries. I wouldn’t assume that 99% positive feedback on ebay is any indicator of how long the battery will last though..probably just a reflection of how quickly they shipped or that they shipped at all (China-based sellers are notoriously flakey).
    That being said, while they are “probably” ok to use, when I think of aftermarket batteries I think of the one and only time I replaced a laptop battery with a Chinese replacement and it didn’t last more than a month before it was discharging after only 30min.
    But these small batteries are probably more robust than their laptop counterparts. You could try one and monitor it. As long as the case doesn’t look like it will rupture and cause trouble then I might consider it. My latest battery could be as old as 2009 (installed in 2011) but I think I read somewhere that you can get 5yrs or more out of them. Good luck!

  33. I have a HP ML350 server, the Array E200i on the motherboard failed so I had to replace the motherboard. I purchased new cache and battery for the new motherboard but cache at post is disabled because battery is too low. Raid 5 logical drives seem to be intact but Novell NSS Pools remain disabled.

    Is this happening because the Cache is disabled until the battery is fully charged?

  34. I was doing a new installation on my HP server and the setup process couldn’t start because there was an error message saying smart array battery is not charging and should be replaced. Is it possible for a battery to stop working even if its a brand new server?

  35. hi,
    i have a problem with smart array 200i showing error code: 263-Array accelarator batteries/capacitors failed. I replaced the new cache module and battery of 3 sets but problem exists and i tested the new cache modules in another server also but problem not solved.

    can anyone help me.

  36. Hello,
    I have a HP proliant DL 360 server. I am trying to use it after a long time. It has nothing installed. When I am turning it ON I am getting error “Array Accelerator Batteries have failed to charge need to replace” I have replaced the battery but still getting the same error. When searched over internet, I found I have to update the firmware. Can any one explain me how to update the Firmware in HP Proliant 360 g4 server with no OS installed on it. Hope for a reply

  37. hi mitch,

    i got report from my client, which said that they faced error with Accelerator Battery in HP DL380G4. Is it the same with PN 307132-001 or with other PN for Accelerator Battery ?


  38. That is the correct Part#. If in doubt, have them open up and look at the old Accelerator battery for reference.

  39. You should be able to create a Firmware boot cd or usb key. Search HP’s support for your exact server model and you should find instructions for how to do this. Make sure you have the latest updates for your SCSI drives before you update the Array firmware though or else you will get more errors in POST.

  40. Hi Mitch,

    we have replaced the battery, in primary (which bundle with memory module) and in secondary. But, we still faced the alert which said the battery failed and need replace it.

    Could be the battery in charging process ?

    Thank you

  41. On any HP with 6i I always replaced spare # 307132-001 and 128mb module, spare #351518-001 together. You could have a defective module and\or battery. Whats the battery manufacture date?

  42. I should say you could have another defective battery or module. Replacement batteries and modules can be defective, I’ve had a few bad “new” spares.

  43. Yes. The alert doesn’t clear right away if the battery isn’t charged yet. I agree with Ted that you should replace both module and battery while you’re in there already.

  44. hi mitch,
    we have replaced it with the new controller, smart array 6400.
    after we replaced it, the battery was charged and from ACU, we could see information more detail for the controller also the disks. but, unfortunately, from SMH (System Management Homepage), in all system information, we could not see information for “Smart Array 6400” in “Storage” item. Do you ever have this issue ? We have restart SMH services from Windows, but still could not come up.

    thank you

  45. Hmm..all I can suggest is to check and see if it is the latest version of SMH. I have heard of what you describe happening with some early versions.

  46. Mitch,
    we have a lot of servers HP DL360 G5 with Smart Array 6400. And t happens frequently, when after battery replacement, hpacucli shows us the following:
    Smart Array 6400 in Slot 2
    Bus Interface: PCI
    Slot: 2
    Serial Number: P5782AM9SVE0VN
    Cache Serial Number: P577A0Y9SVK05Q
    RAID 6 (ADG) Status: Enabled
    Controller Status: OK
    Hardware Revision: B
    Firmware Version: 2.84
    Rebuild Priority: Low
    Expand Priority: Low
    Surface Scan Delay: 15 secs
    Surface Scan Mode: Idle
    Post Prompt Timeout: 0 secs
    Cache Board Present: True
    Cache Status: Temporarily Disabled
    Cache Status Details: Cache disabled; low batteries.
    Cache Ratio: 100% Read / 0% Write
    Total Cache Size: 192 MB
    Total Cache Memory Available: 128 MB
    No-Battery Write Cache: Disabled
    Cache Backup Power Source: Batteries
    Battery/Capacitor Count: 2
    Battery/Capacitor Status: Failed (Replace Batteries)
    SATA NCQ Supported: False

    So, sometimes after 3-4 replacement batteries start charging. And I still have not found any solution for that problem. You can find some opinions here http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/ProLiant-Servers-ML-DL-SL/Smart-Array-6400-Accelerator-Battery-Failures/td-p/602499

  47. Do you have a known good 6400 controller t o swap in, or to test the batteries charging in another spare server?
    What the manufacture date on the battreries? I always ordered OEM directly from HP as the 2006 batteries out there are an unknown.

  48. A customer replaced a battery in an DL385 G6. Now hpcucli “controller show” says: “Cache Status Details: The cache is disabled because one or more attached batteries are not supported by the currently running firmware.” Firmware is the latest (6.60).

  49. I’d question where that battery came from. Maybe you can try swapping with a known good battery and zero in on the issue.

    *Check the part numbers carefully

  50. I would only use OEM batteries from OEM, which is HP. There were too many HP batteries from other “vendors” that were old or had issues. Direct from HP or you risk these unknowns due to batteries not being “known good”. System ROM version and array controller firmware version need to be as up to date as possible. I never trusted batteries dated over 3 yesrs old unless they are already installed and working then leave them. Charger and test the batteries in a known good spare server on a spare controller to be sure they are ready to go on a downtime swap.

  51. In response to my own comment, #34188:

    We finally resolved the issue by installing the latest *system* firmware (BIOS), from A22 07/10/2009 to A22 05/02/2011.

  52. To all the brave souls out there thinking of replacing any 307132-001 or 398648-001 or 462976-001 BBWC batteries using hot-swap techniques ie with the server up and running the OS, then just don’t – it isn’t worth the hassle. I have replaced hundreds possibly thousands of these batteries in my time and the minimum I do is to have the server in standby mode for P400/P410 type SA controllers but with 6i or 6400 SA controllers to avoid potential damage to the BBWC it is recommended to remove the power lead(s) also. I have known these types of batteries work OK for between 3-5 years but it all depends on usage. I removed a 307132-001 from a working DL380 G4 with a 6i controller the other day and it was dated 2006 – it should have been removed at least 2 years ago but the customer would not give me the downtime until now.

    I have known the P400/P410 batteries if left in long enough after failing to take out power supplies and also hang the server at boot time when probing for logical drives once the power supply was replaced, necessitating the battery being replaced before the server would boot again. If they look like they have bulges top and underneath and are older than 5 years then get them replaced to avoid potential expensive repairs.

    Some of my biggest customers just will not give me the downtime to replace failing/failed batteries and if left long enough this just creates extra hardware problems in a worst case scenario.

    If you ever have to replace a single battery on a P800 series SA controller then consider replacing both as this means you shouldn’t have to replace one at a time with the subsequent downtime, and don’t remove the cache module just the battery holder card that plugs into the cache module.



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