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Desktop Icons Background Color Is Not Transparent


System: Win XP

One of my clients received an email with an image embedded in it and was trying to save it to her desktop.  Somehow she messed it up and she noticed that her Desktop Icons now had a blue background to them that wasn’t there before.

The Fix:

1. Goto START –> Control Panel –> Display 
2. Click on Desktop tab and then click the “Customize Desktop” button.
3. Click over to the WEB tab
5. Uncheck Lock Desktop icons box
4. Where it says “Web Pages” you will probably see a checkmark in the top box.  Uncheck it and click OK. 
5. Click OK again to close the Display dialog box.

Note: If this doesn’t clear it up, then check Control Panel –> System –> Advanced –> Performance tab –> Settings Button.  Place a checkmark in “Use Drop Shadows For Icon Labels on the Desktop” and click OK.

Note 2: If your computer is on a network and your Network Administrator has setup company-wide settings for your desktop, then you might not be able to change them and will need to consult him or her as to your options.


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