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Mac crashes with fans running full speed


There is one MAC at work, a G4 that will crash a couple times a day with the Fans running full speed sounding like it’s trying to take off.  I’m going to try a couple fixes tomorrow and will report back.

1. USB Card readers are known to have compatibility problems. Try disconnecting – 2. Keep the CD Drive empty (especially if the issue happens when going into sleep mode) –
3. Reseat the RAM –
4. Reset the PMU (Power Management Utility? http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1939) –
5. Turn off Sleep Mode? –
6. Run Disk Utility and run Repair Permissions –
7. Swap slots with internal cards –
8. Check USB devices (even speakers!) Test by disconnecting them –
9. Look at System Profiler for failed CPUs, chips, etc –
10. Reinstall Fan Control software –
11. Empty Cache using Cache Cleaner –
12. Reset NVRAM  & PRAM (hold Option+P+R down during boot, wait for 2nd ding sound) –
13. Unplug computer from wall and let sit 15min. Then plug back in. –
14. Boot in safe mode and then type exit. may reset something (doubt it) –
15. Turn off all screen savers –


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