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LG VX9100 enV2 shuts off randomly or when texting


My gf has an LG enV2 and sometimes when she sends a text message the phone will shut off completely.  It also sometimes shuts off when she has a text message open and then closes the phone without exiting the text.

I told her it’s a sign from God that she texts too much.  As expected, she disagrees.

There are a couple suggestions on the internet for this issue (and similar issues):

1. Remove the battery and check for water damage (is the little square paper in the bottom right corner a pink/red color?).  That color means it was exposed to water and it’s appearance will void most warranties because of the highly destructive nature of water exposure on the electronics.  My gf’s paper was pink.  dun dun dun.  One person suggested getting a replacement battery from Amazon.com. I suggest asking your friends (Facebook Update? haha) if anyone has the same phone and swap batteries for a couple days and see if the problem presents itself.  Obviously…check their battery before swapping to make sure it doesn’t have water damage as well.

2. In the meantime (or if your battery does not have water damage) you can try cleaning the battery contacts and pray that this solves your problem.  The contacts sometimes get corroded through normal use and just rubbing a pencil eraser over the metal can clean them and ensure that you are getting a solid connection between phone and battery.  This “fix” is a good idea especially if the phone shuts off at truly random times and not just when you perform a specific function.

3. My last option would be to deal with Verizon support.  Not that they’re bad, just that it’s a hassle to wait in the store for them to deal with it.  If you ask, they’ll probably run some diagnostics on the phone and can tell you if you have a software problem or a battery problem.  If your phone had water damage, they’ll tell you that first…but you can still have them check the rest of the phone, they just probably won’t be able to fix it for you under warranty.

-You’re probably wondering what worked for us?  We’re probably not going to fix it because she wants a different phone anyway.  One that holds more text messages probably. haha.


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