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Deleting and clearing SOME Internet Explorer address bar entries


Someone asked me about this and my first thought was “Sneaky sneaky!  You probably want to hide your gambling links from your wife!” which is probably true, but who am I to judge.  Trying not to jump to conclusions, I assumed a more pure intention and my immediate response was “Why don’t you save the links you want to keep in your FAVORITES and clear the entire IE cache instead?”  That suggestion wasn’t well received.  So I looked into ways of hiding your Internet Explorer tracks and came up with some sneaky suggestions.

As you know, you  can delete individual entries from the Recent History on the Windows start menu, and you can delete individual email addresses from the recently emailed cache in Outlook, but for some reason they left a similar function off of the Internet Explorer menu (XP SP2, IE 8).

The way you delete them individually is through the Registry.  I DO NOT recommend doing this unless you’re very computer savvy, and even then it isn’t a good idea to muck about with the Reg.


1. Close all IE Windows
2. Start–>Run–> RegEdit   +ENTER
3. go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Typed URLs
4. Double-Click on each key to open it and view the URL contents.
5. Delete the registry keys (in the form of urlx, where x is 1, 2, 3,….), that contain your target URL links.
6. Rename the keys remaining so that they are in order from 1+ or else you will break the chain and all your other URLs will be deleted as well.

Another way you can hide your tracks from Internet Explorer is to use Firefox and empty the FF cache.  This method will probably work with other browsers as well because each maintains its own little list of typed urls.

There is also software you can buy which will perform these functions for you, but if someone notices it installed or running then you’re really boned.

Overall, here are my top 3 suggestions:

1. Be Open and Honest about the sites you visit.  The gray hairs you save yourself from getting are reward enough.
2. Use a Cell Phone – (Unless there isn’t any way you can get World Poker Tour to load on it)
3. Buy another computer – A good netbook is only a couple hundred dollars


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