Home Software I don’t want the Inside of my GIF to be transparent

I don’t want the Inside of my GIF to be transparent


Program: Macromedia Fireworks 8

I was editing an image today and I copied what I wanted to a transparent background and then saved the image as a GIF with transparency. It took the white that was inside my image and made it transparent as well as the background, which was NOT what I wanted to do.
The solution was to select the color (white) from the adaptive palette and then select LOCK from the menu under the palette box. You might see a little diamond on the color (indicating that the color is in use in your graphic I think). Then you can select Alpha transparency or whatever and it will save the inside of the image.

disclaimer: I’m not a graphics person by any means. i know Fireworks sucks compared to say Photoshop, but it’s what I have on this work computer so I deal.

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