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First impression of Blackberry Tour


I like the BB Tour. No, scratch that…I love the BB Tour!

My previous phone was the Verizon VX6700. What a piece. It was bulky and dated looking, laggy, battery sucked. I had to have it replaced twice. The first time it froze on a phone call and killed the Windows Mobile OS completely. The second time came after the first replacement’s keyboard fell off.
Phone number 3 ALSO had the keyboard get loose, but I opened it up myself and tightened down the keyboard (wasn’t hard). That phone lasted till the end of my 2 year contract, but in the end it was limping by with a crap battery (15min talk time, half a day standby), flaking powdercoat finish and a stuttering keyboard that made every typing exercise a nightmare.

I don’t have any of those problems with the BB Tour. It’s a great little phone (so far). (Of course, there was a time when I loved my 6700 too..hmm)

There are a lot of good selling points to the BB Tour, but here are those that I like best (so far):

1. one-touch lock/unlock – it has a slick little button built into the top that is easy to press, but not easily pressed by accident.
2. Speakerphone – my girlfriend said it sounds exactly like I’m on the handset itself
3. Battery – People were complaining about the battery on verizon’s website, but when you come from a phone that barely gets 15min talk time, anything is better. I talked for over 2 hours to my girlfriend on speakerphone last night and it had lots of battery left over (60%+).
4. Styling – The new Tour has a classy look that I believe won’t go out of style in the next 2 years (my contract term).

1. A single lockup – Not sure what I did to cause this, but I took a picture and the phone locked up. It was probably something I did that I shouldnt have pressed because I am still getting used to using the phone.
2. No Mini-USB – Not sure why BB decided to abandon the mini-USB standard for micro-USB. Now I have to buy a new car charger, and can’t use my old wall chargers or anything.sigh.
3. Small Keys – I don’t have big hands and I had a little bit of trouble with the keys starting out. I fully believe the issues are only due to the phone I was previously using.

As you can see, my Cons are nothing compared to the ones I had with my other phone.
I’d recommend the Blackberry Tour to everyone (so far).


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