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ParetoLogic Privacy Controls advanced questions


A client of mine wanted a secure solution for getting rid of their browsing history, recent documents, etc.
The solution is ParetoLogic Privacy Controls (DB 1 – 9/13/2007)

I won’t do a full review of the software because that would be a waste of time…If you want to see what it does, then goto their website here.
Otherwise, trust me when I say that their program is pretty legit. It even has Dept of Defense level overwriting capabilities (fancy name huh?).

Originally when I bought it and installed it, I was worried about 3 things only.
1. Office 2007 Support – They don’t have it as of the date of this post, but it’s being worked on.
2. Default Erase Method – There is a Shred function that you can pay more for which overwrites files you select with zeros, ones, a random pattern or a combo of all these methods. But is there such a feature for the files it finds when it Scans?
Yes, you can change the default erase method for temp files and browsing. Under Options, Select from the box at the bottom called “When removing”: Delete files without overwrite, Overwrite once (quick), Overwrite three times (Safe), Overwrite seven times (Thorough).
3. Schedule Concerns – You can set the program to run at a certain time, but when the program is closed you can’t see it in the taskbar anywhere. And what if the computer is off and misses a scan? I was worried about nothing however, because it will run without being open and will run at the next scheduled time if it misses…or you can run a manual scan.

It also does not have an option to run the browsing / temp file removal process automatically (they err on the side of caution…you must click Remove after every scan to confirm your decision to destroy data), but the more I think about it, the less desireable that option appears.


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