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Send/Receive Error in Outlook for Sharepoint Lists folder


Email:  Outlook 2007
Sharepoint: MOSS 2007

If you get an error relating to your Sharepoint Lists (My Site – Personal Documents) and it says something about HTTP 500 and Microsoft.Sharepoint.Soapserver.SoapserverException then you may want to check the Folder in Outlook.

In my case, there was a duplicate folder called “My Site – Personal Documents (1)” because Sharepoint was reinstalled from scratch.  I deleted the folder “My Site – Personal Documents” and then renamed the other, removing (1) from its name.  The error went away.

If your situation is different, then just know that some resources online advised deleting the entire Sharepoint Lists folder…which you can do, but then you might want to manually relink it (not sure, never had to deal with that problem) or reload the My Site which may prove to be a pain.


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