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My Calendar web part in My Site (Sharepoint 2007)


MOSS (Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server) 2007 has a feature called My Site which allows users to setup and maintain their own customized Top-Level site.  One feature in My Site is a web part that allows you to display upcoming calendar events in a web part window to the right called My Calendar.

First things first…to allow users to create their own site you will have to enable Self-Service Site Creation.  Goto Sharepoint Central Administration–>Application Management.  Under “Application Security” you will see “Self-Service Site Management”.  Click on that link and then enable the Self-Service Site Creation option. 

If you have both Front-End and Back-End Email servers running Exchange 2003 like I do, you will have to pay attention to the settings on My Calendar.  Make sure you set the mail server address to: http://<back-end-server>/exchange

If you do the front-end server then you might be prompted for username/password (with SSL) or have other wierd behavior.


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