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SIM 5.3 EmailAlert: HP Virtual Partition Configuration


Keep getting these emails every now and then about the Virtual Partition:

Event Name: HP Virtual Partition Configuration
URL: https://<server>:2381/
Event originator: <server>
Event Severity: Warning
Event received: <date>
Event description: If this system is not being identified as HP Virtual Partition or not correctly associated to its host, please ensure that HP Virtual Partition WBEM instrumentation is properly installed and running before re-identify the system to fix this problem.

Current Device Status: Normal
Current Time: <date>

I don’t have a virtual server so this error seems confusing.  On HP’s support forum there are suggestions to disable WBEM and then reenable it after one day. They also suggested that you run an Identification and Data Collection thru SIM after you reenable WBEM.  Some people pointed out that even after the events stopped, the events couldn’t be cleared from the dB.  I haven’t noticed that yet, but we’ll see.

One person advised using SQL Management Studio to delete them.  Just be careful not to delete the discovered systems events.

I’m first going to see what happened with the hotfix for SIM that I installed today.  Then we’ll try WBEM disabling.


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