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HP SIM 5.3 killed my iLO…wtf?


Just installed HP Systems Insight Manager 5.3 on one of my servers and now I have an error that says:

Remote Insight/ Integrated Lights-Out Interface Error. The host OS has detected an error in the Remote Insight/ Integrated Lights-Out interface. The firmware is not responding.

Not sure what that’s all about, but there’s a blog here that points towards installing a hotfix for SIM and advises a firmware update for iLO, but I’m pretty sure I have the latest, v.1.94 march 19, 2009 according to System Management Homepage…sigh.

The hotfix is located here.  This of course, takes my server down for a reboot.  Another sigh.


  1. Mitch,

    With hotfix: do you mean: “Hot Fix Update Kit for HP SIM 5.3 – MS Windows “? I have a customer which, since they have HP SIM 5.3, stumbled upon every f* issue out there. Today they logged a call stating exactly the issue you described. They do have the hotfix update kit installed… After there 1.60 ILO’s had been crashing for months.

    So I was wondering, did intalling the hot fix update helped in your case?

    Kind regards,


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