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Unmountable boot volume bsod blue screen


I had a computer that was blue-screening with a flash of a message that was way too quick to read.

First thing I did was to whip out a digital camera with Video capability. I recorded the screen flash and then played it back and paused on the message.

In my case it said “Unmountable Boot Volume” ; a search led me to this website.

There were a variety of tips, but here’s what worked for me:

1. Boot to the XP cd and when you see the Welcome To Setup prompt, press the letter R
2. You will get a DOS prompt
3. Type “chkdsk /p” without the quotes and hit Enter
4. When that is done type “fixboot” and hit Enter
5. At the prompt, press “Y” and Enter
6. Then type “exit” and hit Enter
7. The system will now reboot into Windows
*****If for some reason that doesn’t work for you, you can boot to the recovery console like above and…
Type “chkdsk /r” then enter
When done type “exit” and hit enter.
This will take longer, but the system should boot back into Windows.

The first set of 7 instructions worked for me. Fixboot said that the boot sector was corrupted but it overwrote it. After exiting, System came up normally.


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