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Error from Sonicwall server


SonicWALL Email Security Gateway not responding to SMTP test
SonicWALL Email Security banner not found

-Opened ticket with SonicWall: XXXXXXXX

Anthony from SW called and had me change the Network Architecture: Edit Inbound Path–>Path Listens On to Listen on All IP address for Port 25 instead of using the IP of the Front-End Server(sonicwall server) and port 25.

He told me there is an issue where you get the alerts even though everything is working correctly. It’s due to enabling outbound email protection like I did last night.

Will monitor.

6/11/08 – Had to undo changes to Inbound Path per another ticket of mine

10/28/08 – Re-applied change per above instructions since we enabled outbound email protection again.

SOLVED 1/26/10 – Worked with Cody from SW and he was able to provide a solution to this issue.  The reason I was receiving the emails is because SonicWall is installed on a Front-End Exchange server.  SonicWall uses its own SMTP server to route email, but because the server was setup as a MS Exchange server originally, it has MS SMTP installed and enabled on it.  Though it wasn’t being used per se, it was interfering with SW.  Once the Default SMTP Virtual Server (via Exchange ESM) was stopped, Sonicwall’s check of the localhost was able to find the correct Banner.  (telnet localhost 25)

– I also ended up changing the Inbound Path Section 2 to ANY:25 from the server IP:25.  Please note, if you make this change without stopping the SMTP virtual server on the server, then you may end up getting #5.7.1 smtp;550 5.7.1 Unable to relay for example@email.com the way I did at first.

Note: Make sure you have Version 7.2 installed because that’s the latest with full support for McAfee AV and fixes for other issues.

Note 2: Need to reboot that server and see if anything changes or breaks.


  1. The network I am at must have a different setup than the one you describe here; I tried stopping SMTP on the Exchange server but as I expected that caused email to stop flowing. I think in my case it has something to do with the host name. Do you know what ill effect it would have if I were to experiment with changing the host name? Thank you!

  2. Without seeing your whole configuration I couldn’t say what effect doing anything would have on your system…
    I suggest working with SonicWall support directly if your tinkering doesn’t fix it.


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