Home Network Admin U drive not showing up on first login

U drive not showing up on first login


If user reboots, they’ll see their U drive (home folder), but not on the first, cold boot.

Idea1: This is a permissions/SID issue. Changed home folder to homefolder2 and changed home drive letter to T: and logged off and back on. Home Folder was created successfully. Copied data from homefoler2 to homefolder and deleted homefolder2. Reset inheiritable permissions on the userid for all child objects. Logged off and back on, drive present and files ok. Changed home drive letter back to U: AD prompted that folder already existed. Said OK to allow user full access to the folder. Logged off and back on.

Will check back tomorrow to see if it has same problem.

7/9/08 – Person has similar issue on internet: http://techrepublic.com.com/5208-11184-0.html?forumID=49&threadID=196768

I changed the main Group Policy: Under computer configuration/admin templates/system/logon set this to “Always wait for the network…….. Set this to “Enabled”. By enabling this the pc will wait at boot up to ensure the network is initialized before loading desktop.

7/31/08 – Same issue exists. Checked offending machines “Echo %logonserver%” and noticed they both use DC02 which may be why they’re having trouble connecting the home folder. Checked some settings dealing with group policy and made this change:

My Network Places–>Properties–>Advanced menu, click Advanced Settings.

In the Connections box, make sure that the internal network adaptor is listed first. If it is not, use the arrows to move it to the top of the list. (I moved PUBLIC up ahead of the disabled DISABLED network connection).

7/31/08 – Problem is happening with both logonservers. Decided to work around the issue and add the U drive to the logon script. Problem solved.


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