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Assembly Room projector sound quality low


Buzzing on line. Line may be too long and unbalanced. Working with Steve from Southland Sound 1-323-266-4575 to get proper equipment. He’s researching Bogen WMT-1A Transformer for wall to balance sound input.

4/3/08 – Phone tag with Steve. Still discussing requirements

4/25/08 – Developed solution for balanced mono audio from laptop to sound mixer. Steve will email quote for transformer and audio cable.

5/12/08 – Hooked up equipment: Soldered the points on jack at wall to two RCA cables. One RCA was the Right channel (RING) and the other was the Left channel (TIP) and the two shields from the RCA cables were hooked together and soldered to the Barrel (Sleeve) on the jack.

Next the RCA ends were connected to the TX-J2 Unbalanced Input Transformer. Then the balanced cable was run from the TX back to the Mixer and connected to a Phoenix connector. The Phoenix connector had to have a dip switch under the connector switched to LINE instead of PHM (phantom power) and then it was ready to go. Turned up the Gain on that Channel (5) and played with a DVD player (no volume control) and a laptop (volume control). Works great!

Cables were ran through the wall. Project complete.


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