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Statcounter setup wrong – You only need one project for the entire website


6/6/07 – Discovered an issue with the Statcounter account.

It seems that someone setup the Statcounter code on our website incorrectly so it wasn’t tracking the site properly.

According to SC, One website = One project. You’re supposed to put the same code on each page in your site to track data for that page. The SC code keeps track of which page it is and the visitor information from the visitor’s browser. By viewing the Detail for that project you can see lots of different data, such as how many hits the tracked pages get, and also the Visit Length Stat.

You cannot tell how long a visitor spent on a particular page, only that they spent X number of minutes on the whole site. In order for this value to be calculated, the visitor has to visit more than one page with the SC code on it.

Update 2008:  We no longer use Statcounter

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