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Memory error stopping system – Windows Auto Update service


System locks up on boot after memory error.

2/28/07 – After checking this out, it looks like it is related to the Windows Auto Update EXE trying to reference bad memory. Installed two new DDR chips (2x512x333mhz) and boots fine now. Also installed updated drivers for VGA adapter and Audio Controller for Shuttle FB61 V1 motherboard. Will monitor


Still has errors: Faulting application svchost.exe, version 5.1.2600.2180, faulting module msi.dll, version 3.1.4000.2435, fault address 0x00012780.

Website above was consulted, tried the first recommended fix. If error comes up again, disconnect machine from Domain and disable Automatic Updates. Then Reconnect.

5/11/07 – Disconnected machine from network, applied XP updates, restarted, then reconnected to network. It appears that this faulting app issue is related somehow to the Windows Update service, that is, whenever there is a security patch released, this machine has a fault. Will monitor.

5/11/07 – Updated Windows Update Service to version 2.0

5/18/07 – Experiencing issue again because of a MS update released last night. Swigart website above had many comments on it from people who couldn’t use their fixes. The latest comment pointed to a MS KB fix which I applied today.


It appears that this cleared up the issue as I was able to reboot and then apply the automatic update without having to resort to the techniques I used before. Will monitor.


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