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Manual check won’t print in Paychex


Paychex giving error: “Payroll Check Loader Error: DBISAM Engine Error # 11010 Table or Backup file ‘XXXXHis1’ does not exist During: History Records”  [where XXXX is your Paychex company #]

Called Tech Support, spoke with Evelyn. Tried switching to Traditional Printing (as opposed to Enhanced) via the NewPrint.exe program. Didn’t work. Switched back.

Made copies of the XXXXHis1.db4, XXXXHis1.id4 and XXXXHis2.Fil files, copied from 2006 folder to 2007 folder. Did this for both companies. Ran Manual Check again and didn’t print, just flashed printer like data was there, but nothing happened. Switched from LPT1 HP 1160 printer profile to DOT4 HP 1160 printer profile. Worked. Set DOT4 as the default printer.


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