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Option 1:

1. Unplug printer. Note: I moved unplugging the unit to step 1 because there is a chance that if you remove the printhead access cover first (step 2), that the “purple unit” will position itself over the small white gear in step 4 hiding the gear from view.

2. Remove printhead access cover – this is the hinged cover covering the inkjet cartridges and printhead (the “purple unit”).

3. Lift main cover (“top cover”).

4. Use a pen to roll backwards the small white gear to the left of the purple unit. Rolling the gear will result in the gear lowering itself. Note: The “purple unit” is exposed when you removed the printhead access cover in step 1.

5. With the gear in its lowest position, move the carriage all the way to the left of the printer.

6. Replace all covers.

7. Plug in and turn printer on.
Option 2:
Replace the Service Station (part # C2684-60273).
It is relatively inexpensive (list price $70.00) and with a little mechanical ability and care, you can see how it comes out and goes back in.


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