Home Software Paychex not working – Cannot find executable

Paychex not working – Cannot find executable


Generic description, right?

Program not working…cannot find executable

10/18/06 – Contacted Paychex at 714-438-4000 and tried to get in contact with our salesperson.  Wasn’t successful, but Michael at X3070 helped me and passed the reinstallation request on to their Installation team. Waiting for a call back from them tomorrow. Will investigate the disapearing EXE mystery in the meantime.

10/19/06 – Investigation inconclusive. Found deleted files on hard drive using Undelete 5.0 software, but didn’t want to accidentally undelete older version and corrupt the data. Went to Paychex and got newer version of software (6.4 to replace our 6.3) and upgraded while on the phone with Paychex 714-438-4000 (Chris Lee x3069 Technical Support Specialist) He emailed our company files and we reinstalled them. We loaded the old Encryption Keys, hopefully they work. Changed the default Admin password on Paychex and a backup mechanism has been put in place with regular reminders for both the user and myself.



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