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Pitney Bowes FD40 Folder jamming error: Limit Switch FP2 (FD-40)


Pitney Bowes FD-40 FD40

Cleared jam from folder, then tried running job again.

Flyers with lots of ink on them will be slippery and will jam easily.  This was the case with the flyer that the user was trying to run and the Folder would only take 5-10 of them before it backed up and stopped, so they had to be done in short stacks, then cleared from the Folder before continuing.

If the Folder displays the error: Limit Switch FP2

This error indicates that Folder Plate #2 is up against the Limit switch, which is a metal piece that, when pressed, stops the motor so that it doesn’t burn out by trying to adjust the plate below where it is physically capable of going. To correct, simply turn the thread for FP2 by hand until it is a ways up, then turn on the machine again and it should reset and clean itself.

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