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FSCrater says it was not installed correctly


This issue came up after FSCrater did an update which didn’t take because the original installation wasn’t valid.

FSC – 1-800-433-2550 option 4 Tech support – Have your Customer # ready.

9/25/06 – Installed program from the network drive folder \FSC rater\winfsc. Also installed FSC Component piece. Gave program error.


1) Run FSCRaterComponentSetup.msi from network folder \fsc rater\winfsc\Program

2) Open Control Panel–>Administrative Tools–>Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Configuration… Runtime Security Policy–>Machine–>Code Groups–>All_Code

Delete the FSC Insurance Solutions code group, then recreate named: FSC Insurance Solutions – FSCrater CA

Condition: URL

URL: file://P:/fsc rater/winfsc/* where P is the mapped drive letter and the rest is the path to the winfsc folder on that drive.

Then just select Next until it completes. Done.

3) Make sure the mapping is there. Current default is: “P:\FSC Rater\WinFSC\Program\fsc.exe

Update: 9/25/06 – Had to reinstall the whole program and the caforms for Light Paper. Issue appeared to be tied to the space in the filename “FSC Rater”…maybe it’s a DOS limitation of 8 characters or it doesn’t support the space, but when that was taken away and the program reinstalled, it worked.

Setup the FileServer with FSC Rater and made it the main computer that updates the program.

11/3/06 – When setting up a new user on FSC Rater, the easiest solution to making the program work with that user’s profile is to uninstall FSC and reinstall it completely. FYI: They need to have local Admin rights on that computer to install the program. Unsure whether they need those rights after the install, but you can test this easily enough if you care about that.


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