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Published in Network World Magazine and Blog!



You know those free magazines you get at work which you didn’t sign up for? 

I get one called Network World, which is geared towards technology professionals.  In that rag, I read an article in the last issue called Recruiting Solution: Invest in U.S. workers which caught my eye because it basically called out Bill Gates and Microsoft for not putting more money into local talent.  This struck me as incorrect, so I did some research and then I emailed the writer, Linda Musthaler and provided my $.02 as I knew it.  She agreed with and liked what I wrote so she published my comments online.  Then her editor, Susan Collins wrote me to ask if they could use it in the next print edition as a Letter to the Editor or whatever.

While I know Network World isn’t exactly a peer-reviewed journal of Computer Science, it still felt good to see my name in print.


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