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Postalsoft Desktop Mailer Rev3 update zip empty!


Downloaded the ZIP file to update the PostalSoft software to the latest release (REV 3) and even though the file appeared to be the correct size, it wouldn’t open using XP’s built-in Zip capability. Reported incident to FirstLogic(business objects)

8/11/06 – Tammy in their technical support dept says that this is a problem with the XP built-in support for ZIP and if I use Winzip there won’t be a problem. Directed me to their FTP site and I downloaded the Rev3 update.

Basic directions for FTP site:

1. Start–>Run, type “cmd”, ENTER (Opens command prompt)

**make a note of the folder you’re currently in, because that’s where the file will download**

2. type “ftp site address” ENTER

3. User: XXX, Pass: XXX

4. type “bi” ENTER

5. type “get filename” ie. “get desktopmailer.exe” ENTER

6. If XP prompts, click UNBLOCK to allow the file through.

7. wait for it to download, then type “quit” and you’re done. Go to the folder where the file is located and run the file, overwriting the existing DTM files.


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