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In AMS, PDFs print with gibberish on HP Laserjet 1000


6/30/06 – The cause is incompatible printer drivers. AMS does not have the driver for this printer in their system for remote use. Selecting “Embed Fonts” when printing works, but it’s a couple more clicks than I’d like for the user to have to make.

7/5/06 – AMS suggests making sure the Uniprint driver option “Print as Image” is selected so that the data does not rely on Embedded Fonts. This tested correctly. Another workaround suggested but not tested involved these steps:

1. Create new USB HP L J 1000 printer, but use the DOS driver.

2. Share this printer .

3. Create a local port that redirects to the network share (necessary because AMS is on an NT4 citrix Terminal services setup that does not support USB).

4. Create a 3rd printer using the HP4 drivers and point its port to the local port you created.

This should be mappable through AMS setup and in theory should work for printing direct.

8/17/06 – Redirected printer as described above. Did this around 7/3, but never documented. Had to re-redirect again because another user had it become Disconnected on them. Tried to setup the link PERSISTENT:YES but when I did I couldn’t get it to work again, so I did a regular NET USE and that seemed to work fine. The next time it becomes d/c just refresh the mapping, and do not make persistent.

Oct 2006 – AMS updated drivers for Uniprint work with HPLJ1000



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