1. RC

    I have two of these directories (empty) and a third with the exact files you described – they are only on my external hard drive. However; I have never run the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool. It would help, if you stated the exact file sizes for the legitimate files in you analysis. Thank you for your efforts and for making them public.

  2. Mitch

    Hello RC and thank you for your comment.
    I am afraid I don’t see how the file sizes have any bearing on the course of action you decide to take when you find a folder/file as described above.
    If you’re not comfortable deleting the folder then simply leave it be, it won’t impact your system at all.

    The MSRT does run once in the background upon first download, so it is possible you didn’t know it had run when it did.

  3. Jeffrey

    I presume the files will be the same as anyone else, I have the following files
    my operating system is windows 7 64bit
    the folder these files are in is named, 0ce8f791df5208f193271e3f49 and its locked
    $shtdwn$.req , REQ File ……1KB
    mrt.exe._p……_P File…………5995KB
    mrtstub.exe…. Application……79KB
    it was easily deleted

  4. ern

    I have 2 folders on D/ with same files but diff numbered folders but they aint doing no harm to pc and 1′s been on there since 2009 so as long as its doing no harm i cant see the point in deleting it just in case it does do some harm.Dont break something that ain’t broke espec when its doing no harm or taking up space,to you lot it just looks annoying and you don’t know what it is,ask MS and ask if you can delete it safely or not.

  5. Mitch

    I like to keep my file system clean so I can know at a glance whether everything is ship shape. But that being said, if it doesn’t bother you to have the folder there then by all means, leave it alone…won’t hurt a thing :)

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