1. Doug

    Thank you for taking the time to list this blow-by-blow method of fixing this fault. I did try using the Microsoft method but gave up as it was just too confusing. This one of yours works perfectly, thank you.

  2. Lazaro

    Thank’s for this fix….
    It’s nice to finally find someone who dealt with the problem and didn’t waste time with useless and unnecessary comments.
    Thanks again..

  3. Robert Rufo

    I struggled with this for hours and then happened across your site. Fixed the issue in 5 minutes. Thank you.

  4. Jim

    This didn’t work for me Mitch. It would not let me use the Save Target as feature. It would have worked otherwise I think. Any suggestions? Jim

  5. Mitch

    Sure! Download FireFox executable file on another computer and transfer it to the affected PC via disc or thumbdrive. Install it and continue on with the instructions..

  6. Jim

    I already have firefox on my laptop and tried to download the executable file. Anyway I think I did it right and sent it to a flash drive and tried to load it on my old computer. Didn’t seem like I had the right file or something. The file doesn’t show up anywhere. I must be doing something wrong. Would you run me through the process? I do appreciate your help. Thank you Jim

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