1. In Kaspersky safe run IE9 security has popups wanting to open web content from secure publishers but cannot get rid of these popups even if I allow it. How can I remove these? Without safe run IE9 opens normally.

  2. Mitch

    Paul, I don’t have Kaspersky safe run so I don’t know how that program behaves. This question would be better asked in a Kaspersky forum or directly to their tech support if you have a valid license.

  3. This is exactly the tip that helped me fix a client’s Windows 7 Pro 32-bit desktop where Internet Explorer 10 was crashing out every single time. Disabled all the add-ins, and the problem was fixed. The crashing was so bad Internet Options from the Control Panel wouldn’t even function.

    Thanks much!

    Managing Member, Envision IT, LLC

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